Jim Kovac


Jim Kovac has worked with variety of music groups as a drummer, percussionist, electronic percussion/programming and producer.  One of the most sought after drummers in the area, Kovac Brothers is lucky to have this brother !   In addition to Kovac Brothers Jim plays in  various other groups such as renowned cover band 8-Track.  Kovac Brothers released an album an album 2010 which he  co-produced with Frank Kovac and Brad Young.  Jim Kovac is a free-lance drummer, a hired gun, most notably with industrial band Simulcast, hip-hop group the Nervous System and pop singer Amie Miriello, now Dirtie Blonde and Grammy award winning country group Sugarland.  When speaking about Kovac Brothers, Jim Kovac adds, “We’re not just looking to create interesting music but also to promote independent music as a more sincere representation of people’s ideas.”